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D.E.S.I. client smiling and proudly displaying her creation of guacamole while holding a book entitled 'Salsas and Dips' during a health & wellness training exercise. D.E.S.I. client posing for a picture at Paramount studios during a community outing. D.E.S.I. clients, educators and volunteers pass out backpacks during a community giveaway in East Los Angeles. In the photo, the educator (centered) is gesturing to a group of interested students (right) while other D.E.S.I. volunteers look on (left). D.E.S.I. client (below) and volunteer (above) posing for a picture at the Hollywood Bowl, during a community outing. D.E.S.I. educator (center) assisting D.E.S.I. clients (left and right) as they prepare the volunteer coordination tent at DEAFestival 2018. D.E.S.I. client giving a 'thumbs up' during his Community Integration Training (CIT). DESI client volunteering at a local elementary school as part of his community-based education. D.E.S.I. client sharing the results of his skills-based learning exercise. D.E.S.I. client demonstrates money management, verbal communication skills and health and wellness skills, by purchasing his own healthy meal at a Subway restaurant. D.E.S.I. client receives assistance working in a grocery store as a product sampler. D.E.S.I. clients, educators and staff posing around a large tree during a group hike in the Angeles National Forest. D.E.S.I. client (right) demonstrating to his D.E.S.I educator (left) how he uses his ACCESS card, while boarding the metro stop in East Los Angeles. D.E.S.I. educator (left) and his client (right) pose outside Robert Hill Lane Elementary School in Los Angeles, CA after volunteering for the morning. D.E.S.I. client leading a drum circle activity in his community as part of a micro-enterprise training activity. D.E.S.I. educator (left) and client (right) pose in a cafe, while stopping for hydration during a Community Integration Training (CIT) outing. D.E.S.I. Founder Elizabeth Jinzo speaking at a California State Senate awards ceremony in 2014. Elizabeth received the Women of Achievement award from Senator Ed Hernandez.