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Community Integration Training (CIT)

A D.E.S.I. client riding the Metro train
D.E.S.I. client pictured riding metro while completing a travel training assignment for Community Integration Training

Community Integration Training (CIT) is a signature D.E.S.I. service. We are committed to helping our clients fully integrate into the community.

During CIT, D.E.S.I. clients receive instruction as they travel throughout their community. With the aid of one-to-one support from D.E.S.I. Educators, who are trained community integration specialists, they learn to access natural resources in their community, and seek specialized resources when needed. They also develop friendships and other invaluable natural supports in pursuit of a strong Circle of Support.

Community Integration Training (CIT) involves areas of focus such as:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Skills & Knowledge Building
  • Travel Training / Mobility Training / Safety training
  • Money Management
  • Social Skills
  • Community Connections
  • Clients learn to identify, evaluate and develop relationships with community-based organizations, social clubs and more

D.E.S.I. prides itself on pairing its clients with the right educators for long-term success. Factors such as personality, interests/hobbies and differences in communication or learning style are taken into account, and educators meet with clients several times before committing to work together.

In order to enroll in the D.E.S.I. Community Integration Training program, you first need to become a regional center consumer. Please Contact us to learn more about becoming a regional center consumer.

If you (or your loved one) is already a regional center consumer, you will need to contact your service coordinator and request Community Integration Training with D.E.S.I. Ask your service coordinator to send us a referral packet, and we will be in touch shortly to set up an orientation appointment.

Service Coordinators are welcome to contact us for more information about Community Integration Training at D.E.S.I.

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