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Outreach & Advocacy

At D.E.S.I., our role in the community does not stop at providing direct services for our clients with intellectual disabilities. As we work to integrate our clients, we are committed to making the community a better place for everyone.

Los Angeles County Outreach Activities

Elizabeth Jinzo and the D.E.S.I. group at a backpack giveaway event
Elizabeth Jinzo and the D.E.S.I. group at a backpack giveaway event

D.E.S.I. is proud to provide outreach services to individuals throughout Los Angeles County. We specialize in connecting low-to-moderate income (LMI) individuals and families to the supports and resources they need to succeed. D.E.S.I. is committed to working with historically-marginalized communities throughout East and Southeast Los Angeles County. Read about the D.E.S.I. Extra Helpings food program.

In addition to serving the intellectually disabled, D.E.S.I. is committed to empowering other marginalized groups to navigate complex resource systems. This includes individuals experiencing (or at risk of experiencing) homelessness; individuals who belong to the deaf and/or blind communities; and/or recently settled immigrants.

D.E.S.I. is especially active in the Los Angeles Latino community. Several programs cater to a Spanish-speaking audience, such as Bridge to the Regional Center / Puente Al Centro Regional. The program addresses racial disparities in regional center services in partnership with the California Department of Developmental Services (CA DDS).

Los Angeles County Community Partnerships

We also support many communities activities, working alongside other non-profits, government organizations, service organizations, local businesses and educational institutions. This support may include volunteer assistance, technical assistance, cross-promotional activities and more. Contact us for more information about partnering with D.E.S.I.

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